It’s here! The new Fall/Winter Style Guide has arrived.

Our latest Style Guide has debuted, and the early feedback is pretty amazing. The cover is one of my favorite images from all the stories we shot – it’s a beautiful picture that captures the entire vibe of the book. We’ve designed pieces that look fabulous with what you wear everyday because we don’t think beautiful jewelry has to be saved for special occasions.

We know how much you loved our Lakeview necklace from the Spring/Summer Style Guide, so we evolved it to Goddess, seen on our cover model (pictured above). Think of Goddess as Lakeview’s more sophisticated cousin, designed to capture current trends while still looking classic. We’ve used a wider variety of natural elements, increased the scale and added more strands—so it has a relaxed yet elegant look.

fan fare fw13

Chandelier earrings, like our Fan Fare earrings, are having a big fashion moment for fall and winter.

And you can’t miss our great, dangling Fan Fare earrings. I wanted these on the cover not just because chandelier earrings are having a big fashion moment, but because they are so much more wearable than most women realize. Our chandelier styles are lightweight, come in range of sizes, and add to your look rather than distracting. We’ve even given them their own page, so it’s easy for you to compare.


Our Olympus ring, with its unique design, can be worn dressy or casual.

The ring seen on our cover is Olympus, with its unique design, can be worn dressy or casual. Its beautiful resin material, the subtlety of color and unique design make it a perfect example of the sort of elegant everyday looks we’ve created for you this season.

We wanted to give you great, standout pieces that aren’t about playing dress-up or being fancy, but about looking stylish and feeling comfortable in all the moments of your day. I think you’ll find lots to love—I know I have!


Stay stylish!