When it comes to jewelry, here are Elena’s travel essentials!

Weekend getaways can happen any time of year, but they’re such a welcome break in the summer. A few nights at the beach or a lake, a city ready to be explored – it’s great to be anywhere you feel away from your everyday routine.

I have a short list in my head of the key styles I pack whenever I’m traveling. Not the same pieces every time, but the same ideas. And my little system works – I’ve never been caught without the perfect styles for poolside, or dinner, or shopping – whatever the occasion calls for.

Gilded Palm

Our Gilded Palm ring is eye-catching but not too bold.

Big SKy

Our Big Sky necklace can go dressy or casual.

Start with a versatile necklace, like the Big Sky. It features our Genius clasp and two detachable chains, so you can switch it around to make a statement, or just to add a little color.

For a ring, I prefer something eye-catching but not too big of a statement, like our elegant Gilded Palm ring. It’s a “Goldilocks” ring: not too big, not too small, just right to be worn with just about anything.

When it comes to earrings, I go with the most versatile ones I can find. Our Endless Possibilities are perfect for packing – their interchangeable crystals can be layered onto one ear wire so you don’t lose any pieces. When you’re getting dressed at your destination, just pick the crystal colors that look best with what you’re wearing, and you’re good to go. Lots of options that take up almost no space.


Our Endless Possibilities earrings are perfect for travel—so easy to pack!


Meditation Enamored

Layering necklaces go with anything!

I like to add a couple of layering necklaces to my bag, too, for more casual looks that still need to look pulled together. Meditation and Enamored are two favorites – they go with anything, even look great poolside and are fabulous together.

Finally, some real fun. Make room for a stack of your favorite bangles and you’ll add drama and style to whatever you’re up to on your getaway. You know my mantra with bangles – more is more – so don’t be shy. I’ve picked out a silvery stack here, but it’s just one of a million combinations. Don’t worry about matching, just bring what you love.


A stack of bangles add flair to any look.

Take a moment to find your favorites in these categories and make a note of them. The next time you’re packing for a trip, you won’t take up much room in your suitcase, and won’t have to worry about leaving anything you need behind.


Stay stylish!