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Sage Leaves

Sage leaves are used in medicine for digestive problems, such as gas (flatulence), loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach pain (gastritis), heartburn, and bloating. This product can also reduce overproduction of saliva and perspiration; is useful for treating memory loss, depression, and Alzheimer's disease. Sometimes women use sage leaves to fight pain during menstrual periods, to lower milk flow during breast-feeding, and to relieve hot flashes in menopause.
Sage leaves can be applied to the skin for gum disease (gingivitis); cold sores; throat or tongue; sore mouth, and swollen nasal passages. The product will be useful for asthma as well. Sage leaves work by means of correcting chemical imbalances in the human body and brain. Sage leaves are possibly effective for Alzheimer's disease. Taking the product during 4 months proves to improve memory, information, and learning processing in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease. Sage leaves are also effective for stomach pain and dry mouth.

Sage leaves are considered to be safe in amounts which can be usually used in foods. These are safe when applied to the skin or taken by mouth in medicinal amounts for a short period of time (maximum 4 months). However, sage leaves should not be used in high doses or for too long as some side effects may occur.
Some species of this plant contain a chemical known as thujone. It can be really poisonous for the human health if taken in large amounts. This chemical can result in seizures and liver damage as well as that of the nervous system in humans. The amount of thujone can differ from species to species. It also depends on the growing conditions, time of harvest, and some other factors. It is not recommended to use sage leaves for pregnant and breast-feeding women due to the content of thujone which can cause a menstrual period and even a miscarriage. As for the breast-feeding women thujone can reduce the milk supply. Sage leaves tend to lower the level of blood sugar in patients with diabetes. It can also increase blood pressure.